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kyocera TK163/160 KYOCERA MITA FS-1120D TONER CARTRIDGE BLAC     time :2018-05-05   The editor :admin  browse :time

Part No.:FK-170U, 2LZ93050, 302LZ93050, FK-170

Non-defective or damaged product in unopened original packaging (subject to re-stocking fee).

Our OEM and Compatible products are covered by 30-Days money back program. We will send you a replacement or money back in the following cases:

on m!Are you buying your product from another online store?Yes

Surplus product is available in limited quantities, and what we have listed is all thats available at the moment. However, if you have an ongoing demand for a large quantity of a product, we encourage you to get in touch so that we can hunt it down for you.


We try to make the return process as easy as possible. For complete information please see ourReturns Policy.

The product you bought was defective or damaged.

Important! All product listed on this site is liquidation merchandise - you can assume that it will function properly (and we do guarantee that), however it will not be in nice pretty packaging. It may have expired date codes, be missing the box, have shelf wear, tears, etc.

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where to get laserjet toner hp laser printer toner refill All OEM product comes with a warranty direct from the manucturer. That warranty will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, and we recommend that you visit the OEM website for exact specifications. We will handle all warranty issues within the first 30 days of receiving the product. After that, you must contact the OEM company directly.

Part No.:302LZ93040, 2LZ93040, FK-170, FK-170E

Part No.:DV-172, 2LZ93020, 302LZ93020, DV-172U

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Product Substitution PolicyOccasionally severe back-orders or other conditions could cause a major delay in the delivery of your order. At such times, reserves the right to use different brands of product as long as they are equal in price, performance and quality to expedite the shipment of your order. Our Customer Care team will contact you in such cases, to make sure you are informed about the substitution. Should you receive such product and find it unsatisctory, you may return the product for an exchange or refund.

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What is a Compatible Product?A compatible cartridge is a cartridge that is not produced by the Original Equipment Manucturer (OEM). These cartridges are designed to meet or in some cases even exceed the standards set by the OEM in terms of performance, print quality and page yield.

Part No.:302LY93010, 2LY93010, DV-160, DV-160(E)

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